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The author assumes no responsibility for thetopicality, correctness, completeness orquality of the informationprovided. Liabilityclaims against the author relating todamages of a material or non-materialnature caused bythe use or non-use of theinformation provided or by the use ofincorrect and incomplete informationaregenerally excluded, unless there is evidenceof intentional or grossly negligent fault onthe part of the author. All offers are subjectto change and non-binding. The authorexpressly reserves the right to change, supplementor delete parts of the pages orthe entire offer without separate notice or totemporarily or permanentlyceasepublication.

References and links
In the case of direct or indirect references toexternal websites (“hyperlinks”) which areoutside the author’s areaof responsibility, liability would only come into effect if theauthor was aware of the contents and if itwastechnically possible and reasonable forhim to prevent the use of illegal contents.

The author hereby expressly declares that atthe time of setting the link, no illegalcontent was recognizable onthe linkedpages. The author has no influencewhatsoever on the current and futuredesign, content orauthorship of the linkedpages. Therefore, he hereby expresslydistances himself from all contents of alllinkedpages that have been changed afterthe link was set. This statement applies to alllinks and references setwithin the author’sown website as well as to third-party entriesin guest books, discussion forums, linkdirectories, mailing lists and all other formsof databases to which external write accessis possible. Forillegal, incorrect orincomplete contents and in particular fordamages arising from the use or non-use ofsuchinformation, the provider of the pageto which reference was made is solely liable, not the person who merelyrefers to therespective publication via links.

Copyright and Trademark Law
The author endeavours to observe thecopyrights of the used pictures, graphics, sound documents, videosequences andtexts in all publications, to use pictures, graphics, sound documents, videosequences and textscreated by himself or toresort to license-free graphics, sounddocuments, video sequences and texts.

All brands and trademarks mentioned withinthe Internet offer and possibly protected bythird parties are subjectwithout restrictionto the provisions of the respective validtrademark law and the ownership rights oftherespective registered owners. The meremention of trademarks does not imply thatthey are not protected by therights of thirdparties!

The copyright for published objects createdby the author himself remains solely withthe author of the pages. Any duplication oruse of such graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts in otherelectronic orprinted publications is notpermitted without the express consent ofthe author.

Data protection
The operators of these pages take theprotection of your personal data veryseriously. We treat your personaldataconfidentially and in accordance with thestatutory data protection regulations andthis privacy policyThe use of our website is generally possiblewithout providing personal data. Insofar as itis possible to enterpersonal or businessdata (email addresses, names, addresses) within the Internet offer, the disclosure ofsuchdata by the user takes place on anexpressly voluntary basis. The use andpayment of all offered services ispermitted as far as technically possible andreasonable without providing such data orby providinganonymous data or apseudonym. The processing and use of yourpersonal data is solely for the purposeofprocessing your requests.
At any time, you have the right to freeinformation about your stored personaldata, its origin and recipients andthepurpose of the data processing, as well asthe right to rectification, blocking or deletionof such data. You cancontact us at any timevia the address of the website operatorgiven in the imprint for this purpose as wellas forfurther questions on the subject ofpersonal data.
In addition, after completion of the contract, all personal data is first stored taking intoaccount tax andcommercial law retentionperiods and then deleted after expiry of theperiod, unless you have consented tofurtherprocessing and use.
When applying for an advertised position, your data will be forwarded to the head ofthe institution responsiblefor humanresources and stored for the duration of theapplication process and deleted 3 monthsaftercompletion of the application process. Also in the case of an unsolicited application, your data will be assignedto possiblevacancies, forwarded to the head of theinstitution responsible for human resources, stored for theduration of the applicationprocess and deleted 3 months aftercompletion of the application process. Youcanwithdraw your application at any time. The contact details, such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, areused to contact you. You agree to thiscontact. Your application may be interestingfor one ofour subsidiaries.
Data will not be passed on to third partiesoutside the Snowlines Group without yourexpress consent.
We would like to point out that datatransmission over the Internet (e. g.communication by e-mail) mayhavesecurity gaps. Complete protection of dataagainst access by third parties is notpossible.
The use of contact data published in theimprint or similar information such as postaladdresses, telephone andfax numbers andemail addresses by third parties for thepurpose of sending unsolicited informationisprohibited. We expressly reserve the rightto take legal action against the senders ofso-called spam mails in theevent ofviolations of this prohibition.
From time to time, we will update thesepolicies to protect your personalinformation. Please review thesepoliciesfrom time to time to keep up-to-date onhow we protect your information and howwe continuouslyimprove the content of ourwebsite. Should we make material changesto the collection, use and/or disclosureofthe personal data provided by you, we willnotify you of this by means of a clear andvisible notice on ourwebsites. By using theWebsite, you agree to the terms andconditions of this Privacy Policy.

Legal validity of this disclaimer
This disclaimer is to be regarded as part ofthe website from which reference was madeto this page. If parts orindividualformulations of this text do not, no longer ordo not fully comply with the applicable legalsituation, theremaining parts of thedocument remain unaffected in theircontent and validity.

Google Ads
Google Ads Conversion Tracking

This website uses the advertising program“Google Ads” and in this context theconversion tracking of GoogleIrelandLimited, Gordon House, 4 Barrow St, Dublin, D04 E5W5, Ireland (“Google”). We use theoffer of GoogleAds to draw attention to ourattractive offers by means of advertising onexternal websites. We can determinehowsuccessful the individual advertisingmeasures are in relation to the data of theadvertising campaigns. Ouraim is to presentyou with advertising that is of interest toyouThe cookie for conversion tracking is setwhen a user clicks on an ad placed byGoogle. Cookies are small textfiles that arestored on your device. These cookies usuallylose their validity after 30 days and are notused forpersonal identification. If the uservisits certain pages of this website and thecookie has not yet expired, we canrecognisethat the user clicked on the ad and wasredirected to this page. Each Google Adscustomer receives adifferent cookie. Cookies cannot therefore be tracked via thewebsites of Google Ads customers. Theinformation collected using the conversioncookie is used to generate conversionstatistics for Google Adscustomers whohave opted for conversion tracking. Customers learn the total number of userswho clicked ontheir ad and were redirectedto a page with a conversion tracking tag. However, they do not receiveanyinformation that can be used to identifyusers personally. If you do not wish toparticipate in tracking, youcan block thisuse by deactivating the Google ConversionTracking cookie via your Internet browserunder thekeyword “User Settings. Theyare then not included in the conversiontracking statistics. We place Google Adsonthe basis of our legitimate interest intargeted advertising acc. Art. 6 para. 1 bed. fGDPR. As part of the useof Google Ads, itmay also result in a transfer of personal datato the servers of Google LLC. in theUnitedStates.

Further information on Google’s dataprotection policy can be found at thefollowing website address: https://www. google. de/policies/privacy/

You can permanently object to the setting ofcookies by Google Ads conversion trackingby downloading andinstalling the Googlebrowser plug-in available at the followinglink:
https://www. google. com/settings/ads/plugin?hl=de

Please note that if you have deactivated theuse of cookies, certain features of thiswebsite may not beavailable or may only beused to a limited extent.

To the extent required by law, we haveobtained your consent in accordance withArt. 6 para. 1 bed. a GDPR. You can revokeyour consent at any time with effect for thefuture. To exercise your revocation, deactivate thisservice in the “CookieConsent Tool” provided on the website oralternatively follow the option describedaboveto make an objection.

Our website uses plugins from YouTube, which is operated by Google. The website isoperated by YouTube, LLC, 901 Cherry Ave. ,San Bruno, CA 94 066, USA. When you visitone of our pages equipped with aYouTubeplugin, a connection to the YouTube serversis established. The YouTube server isinformed which ofour pages you havevisited.

They enable YouTube to assign your surfingbehavior directly to your personal profile ifyou are logged in toyour YouTube account. You can prevent this by logging out of yourYouTube account.

Further information on the handling of userdata can be found in YouTube’s privacypolicy at: https://www. google. de/intl/de/policies/privacy

Our website uses social plugins (“plugins”) of the social network facebook. com, whichis operated byFacebook Inc. , 1601 S.California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94 304, USA(“Facebook”). The plugins arerecognizableby one of the Facebook logos or are markedwith the addition “Facebook Social Plugin. The listand appearance of Facebook socialplugins can be found here: http://developers. facebook. com/plugins.When you visit a website of our website thatcontains such a plugin, your browserestablishes a directconnection to theFacebook servers. The content of the pluginis transmitted by Facebook directly toyourbrowser and integrated into the website. Wetherefore have no influence on the extent ofthe data thatFacebook collects with thehelp of this plugin and therefore inform youaccording to our state of knowledge:

By integrating the plugins, Facebookreceives the information that you haveaccessed the corresponding pageof ourwebsite. If you are logged into Facebook, Facebook can assign the visit to yourFacebook account. If youinteract with theplugins, for example by clicking the Likebutton or leaving a comment, thecorrespondinginformation is transmittedfrom your browser directly to Facebook andstored there. If you are not a memberofFacebook, it is still possible for Facebook todiscover and store your IP address.

For the purpose and scope of data collectionand the further processing and use of databy Facebook, as wellas your rights in thisregard and settings options to protect yourprivacy, please refer to the privacy policyofFacebook: http://www. facebook. com/policy. php

If you are a Facebook member and do notwant Facebook to collect data about you viaour website and link itwith your memberdata stored on Facebook, you must log outof Facebook before visiting our website.

It is also possible to block Facebook socialplugins with add-ons for your browser, forexample with the“Facebook Blocker.

Google Maps
This website uses the product Google Mapsfrom Google Inc. By using this website, youagree to the collection, processing and useof the automatically collected data byGoogle Inc, its representatives and thirdparties.
You can find the Google Maps Terms of Useunder “Google Maps Terms of Use.

Some of the websites use so-called cookies. Cookies do not cause any damage to yourcomputer and do notcontain viruses. Cookies serve to make our website moreuser-friendly, effective and secure. Cookiesare smalltext files that are stored on yourcomputer and stored by your browser.

Most of the cookies we use are so-called“session cookies. They are automaticallydeleted at the end of yourvisit. Othercookies remain stored on your device untilyou delete them. These cookies allow us torecognizeyour browser the next time youvisit us.

You can set your browser so that you areinformed about the setting of cookies andonly allow cookies inindividual cases, exclude the acceptance of cookies in certaincases or generally, and activate theautomaticdeletion of cookies when closingthe browser. Disabling cookies may limit thefunctionality of this website.

Server log files
The provider of the pages automaticallycollects and stores general data andinformation in so-called server logfiles, which your browser automatically transmitsto us. These are:

Browser type and browser version
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the website from which an accessing systemaccesses our website (referrer URL)
Hostname of the accessing computer
Date, time of the server request
These data cannot be assigned to specificpersons. This data will not be merged withother data sources. Wereserve the right tocheck this data retrospectively if we becomeaware of specific indications of unlawful use.

Information, deletion, blocking
At any time, you have the right to freeinformation about your stored personaldata, its origin and recipients andthepurpose of the data processing, as well asthe right to rectification, blocking or deletionof such data. Datawill be deleted inaccordance with statutory provisions or atyour request, unless contrary laws andregulationsrequire storage. You can contactus at any time at the address given in theimprint.


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